About Laura Parker

The mindset of an artist

My work is usually of a personal nature. A fellow artist once asked “isn’t everything a self portrait?” I tend to agree. Although my work emulates my own trials and tribulations I have been surprised how  many of my “musings” are universal.  Often as artists we feel we are  somehow more sensitive than the rest of the world when in reality I have come to believe that we all have soft underbellies. Some of us just choose to express those thoughts/feelings through art.

 I am a tenured professor in the Art Department at American River  College.  Please visit the the campus website   (http://www.arc.losrios.edu/ )  for up-to-date information on my  teaching schedule if you are considering taking a drawing or a sculpture  class.  

Prof. Laura Parker American River College/Art Dept. Sacramento, CA 95841 (916) 484-8586 office 

If you are interested in additional pictures or pricing of my artwork please contact me through this web site.  My work can be viewed at RIVER FORGE Gallery by appointment at 1425 North C Street, Sacramento, Ca 95811

Thank you for your interest.