Other passions

Drawn to water

Several years ago I hiked Wrights lake with a friend. We were both mesmerized by the kayaks on the lake and within a week had  purchased our own.

Fur Babies

Burmese cats-Mr French and Pinky. (brother/sister) Every day they bring me joy-and cat hair.

Its a vintage thing

1964 Silverstreak -fully restored by my husband and I.  You will find me camping most months of the year.

Not just for the French

1958 Notin Caravan. Completely original, exported from France.

Campers for campers

1958 Alaskan camper. Allows for camping in more remote spots.Purchased in southern California I camped at Yosemite on the way home!

My better half.

My better half=Mr. Bruce Booher.