Public Commissions

Confluence of the Arts

This public installation was  created by myself and ceramic artist- Sam Tubiolo. The intent of this  work was to design an environment that would be inviting as well as  complementary to the front of the new Music and Theater building at  American River College. 

Sam’s  ceramic tiles were inspired by the flow of rivers and waves.  I wanted  to illustrate conceptually the staccato and allegro of music and the  movement of performance art. This installation took several years from  conception to completion. Some of the sectional pieces were larger than I  could maneuver in my studio alone. I was fortunate to be able to  acquire and install a ceiling winch from a neighboring warehouse  scheduled for demolition. Working large scale in bronze was a new  experience for me. I had to build a temperature controlled forge for the  project because bronze is sensitive to overheating and will literally  just crumble if overheated.


In recognition of the 50th anniversary of American River College  1955-2005.
Complete Installation approx. 35' circle, height varies 3'-12'.

Growth is an emergence; the gradual beginning or coming forth. The spiral  is a universal symbol of growth, something that every student achieves  at ARC and that the college constantly seeks for its academic  environment. These steel augers were "harvested" from Sacramento's  110-year old Globe Mill Grain silo, where they were used to transport  and process the crops harvested from the farms in this region.